Skilled Nursing

We believe that obtaining nursing care is very important in our client’s recovery. Having a professional beside you who can provide responsible care and utmost attention can make the difference.

Our skilled nursing services include:

  1. Skilled observation and assessment of a newly diagnosed condition or the exacerbation of an existing condition
  2. Medication or treatment for a new or changed drug
  3. Open wound care/dressing
  4. Bowel/bladder training
  5. Teaching diabetic care
  6. Foley insertion
  7. Teaching care of in-dwelling Foley Catheter
  8. Bladder instillation
  9. Administer vitamin B12
  10. Administer insulin
  11. Administer other IM/Subq.
  12. Administer IV’s/Clysis
  13. Teach ostomy or ileal conduit of care
  14. Teach nasogastric feeding
  15. Re-insertion nasogastric feeding tube
  16. Teach gastrostomy feedings
  17. Teach parenteral nutrition
  18. Teach care of trach
  19. Administer inhalation Rx
  20. Teach administration of injection
  21. Disimpaction/FU enema

22. Management and evaluation of patient care plan